About me

I am a postdoctoral fellow at SISSA, Trieste. Before that I was at Max-Planck Institut für Mathematik in Bonn. Before that I was a PhD student in Stavanger, under the supervision of Martin Gulbrandsen and Lars H. Halle. My PhD thesis is available here.

Sissa 2019-2020

Here are lecture notes (under construction: comments welcome!) for the course Techniques in Enumerative Geometry taught at SISSA (schedule: Monday 9-11 in Dubrovin Lecture Room 136).
The Algebraic Geometry Seminar.


My research interests include moduli spaces of sheaves, curve counting on Calabi-Yau and Abelian threefolds, and motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants. I am also interested in derived categories of coherent sheaves and Fourier-Mukai transforms. My papers can be found on ArXiv and here.


Ravi Vakil's page: upcoming conferences in Algebraic Geometry, Mathscinet (and how to use it on the road).

Some pictures

Stromboli: Dark skies.
Norway: Lysefjord, Lofoten Islands, Preikestolen.
Svalbard: Summer, Winter.
Iceland: Westfjords.

Some things I like

The night sky. Movies. A painting by A. Kowalski.
What intellectuals used to be like.
B. Obama interviews Sir David Attenborough.