About me

I am assistant professor (rtd-b) at Università di Bologna. Here is my CV.


I work in Algebraic Geometry, mostly on enumerative aspects such as sheaf counting on Calabi–Yau varieties, motivic and K-theoretic Donaldson–Thomas invariants. I am also interested in moduli of curves, derived categories of coherent sheaves, semiorthogonal decompositions and Fourier–Mukai transforms.


Ongoing: --- Past teaching.


Stacks projectConferences in Algebraic Geometry • Remote conferences • Mathscinet (and how to use it from home) • Past seminars (Trieste).

Some things I like

Trieste, but also Trieste • Taking pictures • The night skyMovies • A painting • The physical world • What intellectuals used to be like • What CVs used to be like (in italian) • B. Obama interviews Sir D. Attenborough.